Breaking Bad

This post is about Satan.  I have been watching episodes of a raw and gritty TV series called Breaking Bad.  The series centers around Walter White, a brilliant chemist, who through some bad luck and a deceptive partnership finds himself employed below his true potential.  He works as a high school chemistry teacher who lives a modest lifestyle along with his wife, a son who is afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, and a soon-to-be born daughter.

Walter White learns that he is dying of lung cancer.  His wish it to provide for his family after his death.  With the help of a former student, Walt starts producing and selling methamphetamine.

Within days after starting this endeavor, he starts lying to his family, steals from the high school chemistry lab, commits two murders, and soaks the corpses in corrosive acid. He does all of this with the hope to earn money to provide for his family after his death.

Well, guess what.  That’s just how Satan works.  Satan holds up some “golden prize,” be it money, fame, drug satisfaction, sexual gratification, you name it.  And those of us who are not diligent may take the bait, just as Walter White did.

I am only halfway through Season Four, and good old Walt has destroyed his marriage, spent his life savings on a meth lab, endangered his family, and has taken part in at least half a dozen murders.

Good old Walt is earning money hand-over-fist, but is afraid to buy a bottle of wine, much less a new car or a secure home, because he must look over his shoulder every minute of every day in fear for his own life and the lives of everybody he loves.  By Season Four Walt seems to have lost sight completely of why he is making meth.  He is in a struggle for his life.

This TV series is a beneficial demonstration of just how vile and heartless Satan can be.  Walter White was tempted.  He took the bait, and that’s “all she wrote.”  Lives ruined.

Thankfully, the TV series is all fiction.  However, Satan is not fiction.  He is very real, ruining lives each and every day.  Our help is in the mercy of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.  At least Breaking Bad is not a reality show!


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