The Lord’s Supper – a call to unity

It has been almost a year since beginning my blog. This was my first post. Reblogging for those who missed it.

Understanding the Mission of Jesus

On Maundy Thursday, surrounded by His friends and companions, Jesus broke a loaf of bread and shared it with those in attendance.  Likewise, He offered wine, the same wine He was about to drink.

As He distributed the bread, He instructed His disciples to take and eat as it was His body.  As he shared the cup, He instructed His disciples to take and drink, for this was His blood.

Jesus would share His very body and blood with his disciples, and ultimately, with all of us.  But what did Jesus mean by sharing this bread and wine, body and blood?

 The bread represented his humanity. He was instructing His disciples that He shared the same body, the same humanity, as all humans.  Through this act of sharing bread, Jesus was informing His disciples that He was united with all through the same humanity.  Through Jesus, we are all one. …

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