Divine Guidance or Temptation?

It has been said that “God works in strange and mysterious ways.”

In some of my past posts I discuss the indwelling Christ, sometimes identifiable as an “inner lead dog.”  Could that feeling that you want to look at the employment ads today, or the feeling that you want to call your mother right now be Divine Guidance?  Could that inner tugging be an urging to do something to change your life drastically?  Could that inner tugging lead to a more harmonious life now, and in the future?  Through these inner urgings could God be communicating with you?

What about the urge to buy that extra bottle of wine or six-pack of beer?  Or that urge to go on an eating binge?  Could that be Divine Guidance?  Could God be suggesting that you go outside your marriage for affection?

None of these are easy questions.  Here comes the “I think” opposed to the “I know.”

“I think” that it could be different with each individual.  For some “listening” to God’s cues can be a little like dancing on your father’s toes.  You are gleefully participating, but your Father is controlling the dance.  (Notice that I wrote dance, rather than life.  The God I know is not a controlling God, but steps in from time to time to make life a little easier.)

Knowing the difference between Divine Guidance and temptation can sometimes be difficult.  I generally use the Ten Commandments as a test.  If the inner urge is suggesting that I do something outside these rules, or it will potentially harm someone in some way, then I always dismiss the inner feeling as temptation.

However, if the inner urging will improve my life, or through me, the lives of those around me, without harming anyone, then I go along with the inner feeling.  And I feel closer to God when it is done.


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