Is It Easier for Christians . . .

As I study the Bible, it is obvious to me that the vision of Jesus was that of a utopian life for each individual and for society as a whole.  As Christians, we have a model in Jesus to follow in His steps toward this utopian way of life, which was available in the time Jesus walked among us, as it is now, in present time.

In previous posts I define Christ as the presence of God with mankind.  In my post, “What if?”( July 2012 Archives) I suggest that Christ is like an ever-present telephone between God and man.  This presence is often subtle, and can be defined as the “still, soft, voice” which can lead, comfort and attend us.

But, what about God’s believers who follow religions other than Christianity?  Where does Christ leave them, abandoned, alone?  Oh no!  Every individual on the planet has the opportunity to understand the indwelling Christ within their soul.  This relationship is very personal and unique with each individual.  However, each individual must make a decision to recognize Christ and give Him a home in their heart.  Upon this recognition, Christ can work with the individual to help cleanse, restore and build their life.

In John 14:6 Jesus states “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.”

Many who know Jesus also know that Jesus was not an egotist.  It is clear to me that in John 14:6 Jesus is referring to the indwelling Christ, who will lead the individual, and society as a whole, by way of the Way and the Truth and the Life.  Christ will, as a result, lead each of us to the Father, and appreciation for our creation.  In other words, we will be glad and joyful for our existence.

As Christians, each one of us has an opportunity to know God with man, Jesus, who was also Christ with man.  This opportunity is profound as we have the model of Jesus on earth to help guide us and to help us connect with God through Christ.  The Christian Bible is a well-spring of opportunity.

As I work through 2013, I will make a goal of learning how individuals who worship through other religions experience God personally.  This educational process will give me insight and help me understand how Christ manifests Himself in cultures other than my own.


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