The Call to Wholeness

This evening as I read Song of Solomon, I was reminded that I have a suitor.  My suitor is both shepherd and king, just as Jesus is both Shepherd and King.  Song of Solomon is both courtship and honeymoon.  It is both wedding and consummation.

My Shepherd and King is both protector and provider.  He is handsome and wealthy beyond earthly belief.  He loves me and respects me as I grow into his love.  Sometimes he is elusive, yet he always reappears, as devoted and committed as ever.

Some have questioned why Song of Solomon was included in the Holy Scriptures.  I recognize a call to wholeness (or a call to union with God) in this wonderful and sometimes erotic-seeming book.

The Shulammite woman is our ideal.  She is both innocent and pure.  She is chaste and lovely.  She longs for the companionship of her lover, (both king and shepherd).

You see, the point is, the Shulammite woman has been singled out and chosen as the Bride of a King.  She has been called out.  She has been spoken for.  She has been claimed as worthy.  She is sought after by royalty!

The King delights in her.  The Shulatmmite woman is Israel, and Israel can be compared to us!

Just as an individual may long for his/her lover, we may find that we long for the presence of God.  And he is never far away.  He is as near as our next breath!  Through Christ we are able to consummate a relationship with our Lover, our God!  Through the inspired Word of God, we are described as devoted and extremely desirable–a state to be described as perfect.

The Shulammite woman suggests that she looks swarthy from long hours working in the vineyards.    Perhaps we all have some work to do as we anticipate our call to wholeness!


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