Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

The belief that everyone who believes in the existence of Jesus will go somewhere special when they die because Jesus was murdered is quite possibly the most dangerous and damaging concept ever to be introduced to the populous of earth.  It is a belief that is frequently fostered and encouraged by our church leaders.

I will exert here that if a person is waiting until his or her death to enjoy relationship with Christ, then they have missed out on the most important aspects of the mission of Jesus.

It is my personal belief that the Christ is the tangible connection between mankind, both individually and collectively, and God.  A long time ago mankind lost their way, losing that connection.  God loved mankind so much that He sent Jesus to help earth regain that connection.  Just as Adam of old once walked in fellowship with God, so mankind again may enjoy a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus.  In my post “What If?” (July Archives) I discuss the concept that Christ is that very connection.

Through engagement with God, through Christ, we are offered a foretaste of Heaven.  There is no waiting until death to enjoy the love, guidance and encouragement that is offered to the individual and the community through the true belief in Christ Jesus.

So, what will happen when we die?  I am more concerned with enjoying a life that includes connection with God in the present.  Of course, I may die at any time.  My faith and trust in God ensures that life will continue through my spirit.  Whether I will again walk around on firm ground remains part of the mystery of God.


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2 Responses to Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

  1. love this post. thought provoking, inspiring. thank you.

  2. wsforchrist says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for your kind comment.

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