The Bridegroom Arrives Like a Thief in the Night

Although I plead that I do not know much about ancient Jewish wedding customs, I have been told by reliable sources that the bridegroom would arrive at an unspecified time, usually during the night, to gather his bride and proceed to the wedding ceremonies.

Assuming this is true, and I believe it is, then truly, our holy Bridegroom may come at any time, like a thief in the night.  (Reference I Thessalonians 5:2.)

Does this passage signify the end of the world?  Quite the contrary!  The Bridegroom comes like a thief in the night to gather his bride to Himself, and He has another mission while he is retrieving her!

My Jewish sources tell me that during the binding engagement period, the bride would ready herself for their new life together.  Just as the brides in ancient times readied themselves, and were also watchful in anticipation for the arrival of the bridegroom, we are readying ourselves for our new life. The Bridegroom is with us in Spirit helping our every move!

Jesus, our Bridegroom, is helping us prepare for the marriage by taking away our sins, any thought, word, or action that would come between His Bride and God.  As we reflect on our sins, anything outside the will of God, and confess them with a true heart, our Bridegroom “steals” them away through the Spirit of God.   He helps us overcome the sources of our transgressions.  Our Holy Bridegroom helps us to build a better life, with Jesus Christ as our spiritual Bridegroom.

Jesus performs this holy ritual to each individual and to the world as a community, in spirit, as we relinquish our sinful nature to His care.  It does not matter how many sins we have committed, or when we decide to make a commitment to our Lord.  He is ready to help us overcome this world’s sin.  Together, the Bridegroom and His Bride are preparing themselves for a new and better life together.  Does that mean the end of the world?  Or does it signify the end of the world as we know it?

How do I know this?  This is not specifically spelled out in the Bible, after all.   It is embedded in scripture, and it has been happening to me.  Think about it!  Has it been happening to you?


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4 Responses to The Bridegroom Arrives Like a Thief in the Night

  1. J.E. says:

    “It does not matter how many sins we have committed, or when we decide to make a commitment to our Lord. He is ready to help us overcome this world’s sin.” W.S.

    I had an eye opening conversation with an assosiate pastor that made this comment real to me.
    I knew from a child on, that salvation is available to everyone. My pasor with excitment in his voice told me how he was in a prision ministry and witnessed to many many prisioners… Cool help the lost. He said there were a few that had even commited murder. I thought praise God! It is bad that they commited a horrible act and wasted this life in a prision cell, but I wouldn’t wish hell on anyone. Then He went on to tell me how He witnessed to Jeffery Dahmer and He gave his life to Jesus.

    I felt phisically ill when he told me that IT BECAME REAL, Gods true grace. I then realized I had a problem. Either I thought he was too bad and not deserving of heaven, or I thought I was better than him and I deseved to go. God’s grace was never “real” to me even though I knew from being told Jesus covers all sin (like Saul/Paul stories in the bible).

    • wsforchrist says:

      Hello J.E.. Just as a wedding engagement may be a process of preparing for a new life, so is our engagement with Jesus, our spiritual Bridegroom. As we turn our lives over to God through Jesus, He guides us past our sins. In my life, this has been a process. As I confess my sins to Jesus, he takes them away, slowly preparing me for a new and better life. I cannot speak for whether Jeffery Dahmer, (infamous serial killer) is enjoying a heavenly state with God right now. That is between God and Dahmer, but I can speak from experience that preparation for a new life with God can take time and effort. Of course, Jeffery Dahmer was murdered in prison. May God have mercy on his soul.

  2. gurumics says:

    I understand this scripture and accept it. My oldest brother has given me a trace of his awesome creativity when reading the scriptures. He is creatively and artistically inclined so I guess he’s wired a little bit different than me. Anyway, this post set me off on a cogitative journey. I’ll summarize it with a question. Suppose that he bridegroom came at an expected date and time, would that change the way we lived our lives? Your answer may shed a glimpse of light on why no man knows that day or the hour when the “bridegroom” will appear.

    Oh, another thought journey was triggered by the title of this blog. Did you know that mainly this passage and the passage that says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock..” has caused some to turn away from Jesus because in their cultures it depicts the actions of a true thief. Certainly their Lord and God should not be characterized as a thief.

    How does that hit you for understanding the importance of contextualization of the scriptures. The gospel is not suppose to turn away but to invite. Jesus was in tuned to this. This is why he spoke in parables that directly related to the customs and lives of those to whom he spoke.

    Food for thought… Be blessed and be a blessing!

  3. wsforchrist says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment. To answer your question, the time of the arrival of our holy Bridegroom is a joyful mystery. It is my contention, although I may not have been completely clear in my post, that the holy Bridegroom is always ON HIS WAY, at all times. He is guiding us, “stealing” away our sins, and helping us to prepare for a new, God-centered life in which Jesus Christ is a principal in our lives.

    As for Jesus standing at the door and knocking, I also envision this verse in joyful terms. When someone comes to my door, it is usually a friend or a family member. Jesus is both my friend and a family member. I had not considered that in some culture circles, a person might be afraid of a knock on the door.

    Indeed, Jesus often spoke in parables. However, both “the Bridegroom arrives like a thief in the night,” and “I stand at the door and knock,” are not parables, or stories, but concrete promises directly from God through His Son, Jesus Christ. I hope I have given you food for thought. Thank you again for your interesting comment.

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