What is a Wedding without a Wedding Gown?

When I was married, I was a bit of a hippie who did not believe in big weddings.  I was married in a simple yellow dress.  Little did I know that after nearly a lifetime of joy, sorrow, pain, and growth, I (and all believers) would be adorned in a garment fit for royalty!

My last three posts dealt with:

–         God’s promise,

–         A mutual commitment between God and mankind, and

–         Perfect love.

Now that we are officially engaged, and on our way to the altar, it’s time to think about the proper wedding attire.

Revelation 19:6-8 reveals how the wedding day of the believer might look:

“Alleluia!   The Lord our God, sovereign over all, has entered on his reign!  Exult and shout for joy and do him homage, for the wedding-day of the Lamb has come!  His Bride has made herself ready, and for her dress she has been given fine linen, clean and shining.”  (Now the fine linen signifies the righteous deeds of God’s people.”)

Over a lifetime, I have considered whether the wedding of the believers to the Lamb is to take place some time far into the future, or is it taking place moment by moment as each individual makes choices and grows to understand the will of God.  I have concluded that every step we take toward the altar, and to our Lord, is a step toward righteousness.  The Lord has claimed his Bride, and it is US!

As we learn to pause and listen to the soft, still voice of God in our hearts, we are able to proceed toward the altar one tiny step at a time.  Each and every step is a step toward the Holy Bridegroom. We are clothed in the choices and decisions we have made.  We are clothed in kindness to one another.  We are clothed in our righteous thoughts, words and deeds.

Many women will say that they enjoyed each and every step down the aisle in their beautiful wedding gown.  How much more spectacular is our dress of fine linen!


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