What is Perfect Love?

My last two posts have explored and compared the promises of God to a many- facetted engagement ring.  Along with the gift of the special ring come responsibilities.  Among these responsibilities is a desire to grow in the Spirit of God and mature as Christians.  As I have been studying the epistle of Paul to the young church at Corinth, the most compelling passage has to do with love.  Just as a couple about to be married may declare their love for each other, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 lists some of the aspects of deep and abiding love.

–         Love is patient;

–         Love is kind;

–         Love envies no one;

–         Love is never boastful;

–         Love is never rude;

–         Love is never selfish;

–         Love keeps no score of wrongs;

–         There is nothing love cannot face, (and so on.)

Just as our earthly wife or husband may be committed and cherish us, so God loves us.  We may not always feel deserving of this kind of commitment, but we have an unwavering God who cares and loves us, even during those times when we may feel unloved, or unlovable.  What would an engagement ring mean without love behind it?

The engagement ring, God’s many-facetted promise, is the very symbol of God’s deep affection and care.  God demonstrates perfect love.  Through the sacrifice of His son, our Lord Jesus Christ, we are deserving of this amazing gift.  Because Jesus walked among us, demonstrating this strength of commitment and love, we may be able to grasp the concept and the depth of His love.

Just as a couple who becomes engaged to be married begins to learn the depth and breadth of their commitment as they grow together, so is our responsibility to grow and mature as Christians.  We can only accomplish this through the grace and love of God through Christ.

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