A Diamond for Christmas!

In the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area we have a jeweler who fancies himself a radio celebrity via his radio ads.  Richard Kessler’s ads are always clever, always engaging, and always enticing.

Richard Kessler proclaims Christmas to be the greatest time to purchase a diamond engagement ring.  This year he touted the famous “Kessler Eight-eight,” a diamond with no less than eighty-eight sparkling facets.  What women wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a diamond engagement ring with eight-eight sparkling facets!

Well, I contend that each and every human being on the planet has been given, at Christmas, a gift with at least as many sparkling facets, all illuminating our lives.  In reference here, I will compare the number eighty-eight to an infinite number.

This evening I happened to be reading Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth.              (1 Corinthians ).  It is a letter that praises and condemns, guides and nudges, reasons and pleads with the fellowship at Corinth to work toward a Christ-centered life.  But, the most appealing part of the letter was the gifts.  Who can resist a gift that sparkles!

Paul promises that through Christ we receive:

Grace, given to us in Christ Jesus;

A life enriched with fellowship with Christ through the Holy Spirit;

Unity of mind and thought with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ;

The wisdom of God (all in good time.);

The power of God through Jesus Christ;

The knowledge of God’s secret purpose;

Spiritual truth;

The Gospel (good news) of the Kingdom of God;

Insight into the mind of Christ;

Faith, hope, love and . . .

Add to this list the miraculous powers of healing, prophesying, preaching, all the gifts available to us as we worship God, and so many, many more

No, there aren’t as many as eighty-eight facets clearly revealed in the book of                     1 Corinthians , but, if I had long enough, and thought my readers would bear with me, I am sure I could come up with as many as eighty-eight, and beyond.

The point is, no human being on the planet was passed over this Christmas.  Each and every one of us has received a wealth of luxurious gifts.  Richard Kessler, you have nothing on Jesus Christ!  Merry Christmas!


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2 Responses to A Diamond for Christmas!

  1. Great post! Last paragraph sums it all up so perfectly! The gift of Christ is the only one we need.

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