Some Assembly Required

Early Christmas greetings to all!  It appears the time of celebration with parties, goodies, and presents is upon us once more!

 This year my grandson has one request.  His little heart desires a Lego Epic Dragon Battle building set.  Although I am not a person of means, I managed to scrape enough money together to purchase the gift.  Thankfully, it’s tucked away in the attic awaiting the glorious day when I will sit down with him, and we will put the set together.

Curiously, this purchase made me think of the many gifts Jesus provided on his first Christmas on earth.  He has provided so much!  First, companionship and friendship throughout our lifetime-always knowing that whatever our station in life may be, we have a constant friend in Him.  Life everlasting!  Through Him we will never die, but our souls will live on with him in companionship.  Love, peace, guidance, and wealth in spiritual terms—a life-long relationship.

 On Christmas morning I will sit down with my grandson and assemble his beloved Lego building set.  The set comes in a neatly packaged box, complete with instructions.  Putting the set together is a joyful task.  But what about the gifts Jesus brought to us? 

Just as the Lego Epic Dragon Battle takes some effort to enjoy, so does our relationship with Christ Jesus.  Jesus provides all the necessary components; the rest is up to us.

 The witnesses in the New Testament who contributed to the accounts of Jesus’ life help us to understand what our part in the Holy relationship needs to be.  The Apostle Peter propagated the Christian movement in the early church, and we may learn from him.  The Apostle Paul taught us what it means to be a Christian.  He was the original Christian model. 

Just as the Lego Epic Dragon Battle cannot be enjoyed unless the box is opened and the labor is put into the project, the Joy of Christianity cannot be realized unless we put forth the effort to grow and mature.

 That brand new blender will serve no purpose sitting on the shelf in the pantry.  It can only be enjoyed with the effort of concocting a special recipe.  The Blu-ray player cannot be enjoyed unless we put a disk inside and turn it on.

 Of course, there are some gifts that are meant only to be admired, such as those sparkling diamond earrings.  But I contend that unless we put forth the effort to experience what it actually means to be a Christian, sparkle is all we will get. 

 Just as any task can be a joy to encounter, the task of growing and maturing in relationship with Christ can be the most sparkling and meaningful gift we will ever experience.


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