Free Will, God, and Financial Well-Being

In my last post I summarized financial well-being as it relates to God into three components:

Free will, the freedom of each individual to make choices and decisions.

God’s will, His sometimes subtle and sometimes overt interventions.

Chance, being in the right place at the right time.

This post will deal with free will as it relates to financial well-being.

First of all, I can only speak from my own experience as everybody literally has their own personal relationship with God.

I know that I have the free will to make choices and decisions.  Although God is a prevalent person in my life, I am not a puppet or a remote control robot.  I am a living, thinking, feeling individual, in tune with God, but apart from Him.   If I understand my relationship with Him, then I seek to do His will, his personal plan for me.

Many years ago I made the decision not to attend a four-year college.  I thought I could succeed without the diploma.  Therefore, I am in ownership of the consequences that went along with that decision.  Not understanding His plan for me at the time, He may or may not have been urging me in my heart to attend the higher education.  But that was not God’s choice, it was ultimately my own.

Living with the limitation of trying to succeed without attending college, I looked for ways to enhance my financial situation, assessing my strengths and weaknesses.  Eventually, I discovered a career in that could afford me enough financial security to live in relative comfort.  Without going into detail, I am aware that many individuals who have degrees do not enjoy the financial success I have achieved, although the present domestic economy puts some limitations on my earnings.

Along the way, I earnestly listened in my heart for cues from God.  His hand has been guiding me all along with way, nudging me to apply here or there, or to take an enrichment course or not.  Many times I felt that I had more than one option.

God may have been lending me guidance, and options, yet, ultimately, the final decision has always been up to me.  I have free will.  Just as a parent or teacher may make suggestions, I have God; yet I am a person in my own right, again, not a puppet or robot.

God controls the universe, yet in God we each have a personal partner to guide us and to help ensure financial and personal success.  We each, in our own way, may exercise our free will and choose to succeed.


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