God and Financial Well-Being

God’s plan for us, when it comes to financial well-being, can be summed up in three components:

Free will, the freedom of each individual to make choices and decisions.

God’s will, His sometimes subtle and sometimes overt interventions.

Chance, being in the right place at the right time.

I earn a living selling retail.  My income is based 100 percent upon commissions.  If I do a good job, I am paid.  If I fail to convince the customer, I am not paid.

Last week I sprained my knee.  Subsequently, I have been hobbling around the store all week, trying to keep a positive attitude toward the customer.  I earned very little money this week.  Most of my sales this week have been customers whom I have sold in the past, and know me when I am not performing in pain.

This has been a very revealing week.  I have had to make the decision to keep smiling even though I am in pain.  The customers who came in to see me this week may have been listening to the soft, but sure, suggestions from God in their hearts.  I have had over a dozen new customers who came in, perhaps by chance, this week–some of them made purchases and some of them winced when they observed my limping.

My success in sales is affected by my attitude toward the customer.  I can choose to be a sour puss, or I can choose to show appreciation and enthusiasm when I greet the customer.  My attitude and choices affect my financial well-being.

I strongly believe that God plays a vital role in my financial well-being as He sends people into the store to give me the opportunity to show my appreciation and enthusiasm.  It is a partnership.  God speaks to the customers’ hearts and guides them in to see me, but I am in a position to do the rest.

Chance plays a part, also.  Perhaps the customer came in to the store without any direction from God whatsoever?  Just as I possess free will, so does everybody in the greater Milwaukee area.  Yet, I still have an opportunity to display appreciation and enthusiasm.

The above example is only a pinhead at the top of an iceberg when it comes to trying to explain how God works in our lives, especially when it comes to financial well-being.  We all make choices, we all have God as our guide and partner, and we all have the opportunity to take advantage of chance, in any occupation or financial-based situation.  I hope my example will encourage my readers to explore how God may be working in your life.


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2 Responses to God and Financial Well-Being

  1. What an uplifting post in the face of adversity! Keep trudging forward because you are a child of the King and nothing can steal your joy!!

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