Know God vs. No God

Some years ago I sold insurance door-to-door as an interim job.  My manager gave me a piece of advice.  He told me that everybody is walking around with a sign on their forehead that reads, “What’s in it for me?”  Well, as I have grown and matured as a Christian, I’ve learned “what’s in it for me!”

A plaque in my bedroom reads, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct they path.”  That statement is the most important component in my Christian walk.

While without God an individual may find a role model or may be lead by media or peers, with God as our director we have the power of the entire universe as our Guide and our Provider

God may manifest himself in our lives as a personal friend.  He may seem more like a husband, a brother or a father.  Regardless of how God is personified in our lives, He is very personally involved in our well-being and care.

This manifestation may appear as a feeling that we have God’s re-assurance and that God will continually provide for us both spiritually and materially.

(Now, before we start seeing dollar signs in our eyes, I would direct you to my next post, which will outline the way God works in our lives when it comes to our financial well-being.)

For the novice Christian, or any Christian who does not sense a strong personal relationship with God, I would ask that you consider trying an exercise that can be done virtually anywhere at any time of the day.

If you are not sure whether your relationship with God is like husband to bride, father to child, brother to brother/sister, or friend to friend, close your eyes in silence for a few moments.  Put the cares of the world on hold for a few moments.  In that instant, imagine your perfect and benevolent friend, brother, husband or father and how that relationship will enhance your life.  Ponder only a minute or two at a time.  This will be a little like the training wheels on your bike as you were learning to ride.  Focus on only one relationship model that seems right for you at this time of your life.  The Holy Spirit may actually help you recognize the right relationship model.

Repeat this exercise once a day until you feel the re-assurance that acknowledges the relationship you seek.  Eventually, your friend, husband, father or brother will be there with you throughout each day, guiding you in spirit, reassuring you and soothing your cares away.

Eventually, you will understand the difference between knowing God and not having this amazing manifestation in your life.


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7 Responses to Know God vs. No God

  1. rolerrol says:

    Great post. I can’t imagine my life without God. Life without Him is death.


    • wsforchrist says:

      Rolain, thanks for your support. Since early childhood, I saw God,(in all three persons combined) as a giant sea of love, peace and joy. Until I was able to identify with a relationship model, I was feeling a little lost. Peace of the Lord be with you always, Wendy.

  2. pewacker says:

    Thank you, W.S. I’m going to try this from now on, we all feel lost at times but there is one person we can always find.

  3. deluvian says:

    Great post! I think too many people look at God as either just a strict, father-figure or a wrathful punisher of evil. They overlook the personal, loving attention that He gives to every believer.

    • wsforchrist says:

      Thank you for your supportive post. I have also had an opportunity to enjoy reading your blog. Indeed I would say that although you are a minimalist, you are absolutely ambitious!

  4. creditaction says:

    I think of the Apostle Paul as a new Christian, novice or immature Christian preaching and teaching to the early church and it encourages me.

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