“What if”

“Greetings” on a hot, sticky July afternoon.  Perhaps this post will be fantasy.  Perhaps this post will be science fiction.  Perhaps this post is just another writer’s “what if”. . . but, What if:

What if we are all born with an internal telephone to God?  (E.T. phone home.)  {Kennedy to Khrushchev on the Hot Line.)  (Dad, can I have a cell phone?)

What if it doesn’t matter where you are born, when you are born, or what is your race?  What if having this natural telephone is God-given, just like a heart and a brain?

What if this internal telephone is the in-dwelling Christ, there to communicate and guide us through life.  What if, via this internal telephone, we are able to sense that God has our best interests at heart, and He is there to help and guide us?

What if part of the mission of Jesus was to personify this internal telephone in each of us and demonstrate the love, acceptance and guidance available if we are able to identify and comprehend this source of communication?

What if, prior to the fall, Adam and Eve communicated with God via the in-dwelling Christ, but after the fall, all the “wires” got tangled, and they were stuck sifting through hours of conversation with Satan and his evil?  What if this communication confusion was passed down through the eons to each one of us?

What if Christians have the advantage of learning about the in-dwelling Christ through the Gospels, Scripture and each other?  What if it is just plain easier for Christians to know God because of our background?

If so, shouldn’t each and every Christian thank God that they understand the internal telephone to God through the indwelling Christ?  Through Christ we are able to screen out the calls from Satan.  I just try to remember not to keep Christ on hold through call waiting.

Okay, as I said, it’s hot and it’s sticky, just like so much of this summer.  Perhaps this post is nothing more than a diversion on a hot afternoon.  I beg your indulgence.


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4 Responses to “What if”

  1. mybroom says:

    well said, it’s cold down under but you are dealing with hot stuff over there – Christ in us, mind blowing stuff. cheers Graeme

  2. creditaction says:

    The analogy is cool, thank you. What if we live ignoring John the Baptist, who said the axe is laid at the root of the tree ready to cut it down if it doesn’t bear fruit in keeping with repentance?(Luke 3::8,9) Thank you Jesus for rescuing me from the fire! Oh happy days.

    • wsforchrist says:

      Thank you for your comment. We must not take our relationship to God through Christ for granted. Growth in Christ may take many forms, and may look different at many stages of our lives. If the course my growth is taking is offensive to God, then I welcome the axe, and the fire!

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