Jesus and Baptism

Since the time of Jesus, mankind has enjoyed the development of indoor plumbing, and subsequently, convenient baths and showers.  Generally speaking, America is a clean society.  Modern plumbing takes care of cleansing our exteriors.   But what about inside?  Are our thoughts and resulting actions clean?

When Jesus came straight away out of the water at his baptism, God declared, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  Matthew 3:17.  Jesus was declared clean in body and in mind.  But what about us?

Our baptism signals the beginning of the process of dedication and purification.  Since only God is without sin, we all have a lot of scrubbing and tubbing to do as we strive for purity in the eyes of God.

We can only begin to achieve internal cleanliness with the help and grace of God through his Son, Jesus Christ. God knows our inner thoughts and secret sins against ourselves, nature, and our fellow human beings.  As we dedicate our lives to God, and trust in his Goodness, He takes away our sins and leads us to make choices in our lives that lead to wholesome living.  God sent us His Son to show us the way.

Speaking for myself, I have come a long way, but I still have a lot of scrubbing to do.  Unfortunately, a day usually does not go by where I have not fallen short.  I trust and rely on God to forgive me and give me direction through His Son, my Redeemer.  My baptism assures that the Lord forgives and takes away my sins.  In addition to taking away my sins, He helps to direct my life, as best I am able to understand.  I am saved through grace alone.  This salvation assures comfort in my life now, and hope for the future.

Therefore, as we make our way to the communion altar, perhaps we should remember our baptism as we pass the baptismal font.  Through our cleansing, God takes away our sins, and we are created a new.  We all can rest in the knowledge that we have a Champion in our quest for a clean start.


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