As Constant as the Northern Star

As a child I remember vacationing at the family cabin in Crivitz, Wisconsin, and looking up into the night sky.  There was the Northern Star, always shining brightly, always there.

In school I learned that ancient sailors used the Northern Star to navigate their course around the world.  This was a navigation tool that was always constant, always reliable.  Although just a beam of light, it was valuable beyond measure.

Throughout my life, Jesus Christ has been my beam of light, my constant, my reliable leader, my Northern Star.  During times of tragedy or time of triumph, I have learned to turn to Christ to guide my way.  It is assured.  The author (unknown) of Hebrews 13:6 reminds us that God assured us “He will never leave nor forsake you.”

Many may ask what evidence I can offer that God, through Christ, is always with me.  I would suggest that they take a moment or two to pray and meditate.  As I go through life, I am aware, through a sensing or feeling deep inside that Christ is ever present as I navigate through life.  The sensation or feeling is that of love, acceptance and especially reassurance.  The feeling is constant and never changes, although the feeling has increased throughout my life.

I suggest taking a few moments to connect with God through Christ through meditation and prayer.  When you pray, you are in communication with God.  Communication goes both ways.  While you are deep in prayer, God may also be trying to communicate with you deep inside.  Block out the sounds of the world, and be open to listening for the still, soft voice deep within.  Can you now feel the beam of that Northern Star?  I pray it is so.

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