Entering the Kingdom of Heaven as Children

Being new to blogging, I am impressed with the wealth of wonderful Christ centered/God centered blogs available to view.  Each blogger has his/her own perspective, just as each person has their own walk with God through Christ.  Being what I would describe as a “Heinz 57 Variety” Christian, I have seen the meaning of scripture through the eyes of many other seekers through involvement in various churches throughout my life.  

What comes to mind today is the respect I have for each person’s perspective and walk.  Each seeker is unique, and each seeker has his or her own story.  Many people like to share their story.  This reminds of Matthew 18:1-7.  Apparently, some of the disciples of Jesus are getting a little heady, and ask who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Jesus calls a small child, and through the example of this small child, He explains that all must become like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  In other words, we are all to be lead and nurtured, just as a child is nurtured.  The scripture goes on to say that any one of us who receives one of these children in His name, receives Him.  In other words, as we learn from each other in humble devotion to Jesus, we are learning about Jesus.  My own take on this is that I have learned through many of God’s children being lead by God through Christ.  The more I learn, the more I am lead, the more I experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Jesus goes on to say that as we lead, we may also become a stumbling block to those who are lead by us. 

 I have not met pastor or priest, or layman, who claimed to be perfect in the eyes of God.  They have all been sinners, just like me.  Yet, through the Grace of God, through Jesus Christ, I have been the recipient of an abundant life filled with the glory of God through the humble teaching of these persons.  As I have matured, I have learned to cull out teachings that come between me and Christ.  I have learned to enjoy the sermon or homily, and then put aside what my heart is telling me is not from God.  No one person can be called “The Shell Answer Man.”  I have learned much, and thank God, I have much more to learn.  Thanks to all who have shown me the way!

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