An Introduction

Like so many people before me, I have enjoyed a life-long journey of seeking the peace and understanding of Jesus Christ.  Like so many people, I have a long way to travel on my journey.

I have arrived at an interval on my journey that allows me to share with others the wisdom I have gained through my studying and observing Christianity and Christians.  Through this blog I will explain the mission of Jesus through new eyes, the eyes of one who has followed many church leaders as I learned to follow Jesus.

What I have learned during my journey to date has provided me with peace, joy, love and the assurance of a God who loves me.  I will share what I have learned.

Many of my blog entries will be centered on scripture, especially the four New Testament Gospels.  I will reference the chapters and verses; however, due to copyright rules, I will not have the freedom to quote entire passages.

I profusely welcome your comments, and I will respond whenever I am able.  My journey of wisdom has not ended; I am still on my way.  Perhaps you will share my steps, as I guide you, through the grace of God.

I will try to create a new blog posting once a week.  My next blog posting will center on the unity of the Lords Supper and what it means.

The love and inspiration of Jesus allows me to create this blog and enjoy all of its benefits.  I hope you will enjoy along with me.

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