We All Are Under Construction!

I live far away from my five grown siblings. Yet, I feel a close connection with each one. It is the same way with God. God is not available in a physical form to walk with or to talk with, yet I feel a close connection with God. Sometimes I can detect the kind, soft voice of God directing me in my daily life. But usually I am on my own. Still the closeness I feel with God is always present.

Recently someone asked me how that works. How do I know beyond any doubt that God exists, and how can I feel so close to Him?

I would answer that question quite simply, but getting to this point in my relationship with God has not been so simple.

It is a little like learning to ride a bicycle or learning to play the piano. I remember a kernel of hope long years ago, and that was a starting point. No two people will have the same exact relationship with our Father. But I believe each one of us has that same kernel. As we are born with a heart and a brain, we are born with the capacity to grow in Christ and come to some understanding of God.

You might ask “how?” I would answer by suggesting that you search scripture for a book, or even a small passage that connects you with Him. From there you might be directed, via the Kind, Soft Voice, to a book or a film, or a pastor, or a walk through nature.

I would suggest that each one of us has the capacity to understand God. First we toddle, then we walk, then we run to Him. His love is waiting. His guidance is free of encumbrance.

To some it will be a little like completing a maze. Twists and turns all along the way. But there is much more than a piece of cheese awaiting us as we strive for the finish. Love, guidance, faith, hope, peace of mind. Many of the intangibles that make life a joy.

A little “preachy?” Maybe a little, but my hope is that any of my readers who question the existence of God open your minds and hearts. He is there, just as certain as the IRS.

There is a home improvement chain in American called Lowes. The tag line for Lowes is “Never stop improving.” That says it all. Have faith.

Wendy S.

P.S. I added a photo of myself to my blog. If you have ever wondered how I look, you will find my photo toward the top of my blog next to the pages “Home” and “About.” Do I look like you thought I would?

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In the Image of God . . .

I am certain that every Christian knows that mankind is created in the image of God. It is assured, after all, in the Bible. But, what does this really mean?

Does being created in the image of God mean that God has two hands, two feet, a digestive system and a brain? I would probably stop with the “brain.” The other features may be so that we can perform the tasks of God. We may be created in the more intangible intelligence and spirit of our Creator.

We know that God has an infinite capacity to love. (Hey, mankind has the capacity to love!) We know that God has the ability to bless each and every one of us. (Hey, each and every one of us can be a blessing to others!) We know that God can perform miracles. (Hey, our moms and dads could perform miracles!) We know that God answers prayers. (Hey, we can answer someone’s prayer.) AND, God creates.

We can create a sandcastle at the beach. We can create the pyramids, we can create skyscrapers! But why stop there?

We can create WORLDS! Think about it.

With those two hands, those two feet and that brain, we can move about and influence our family, friends and neighbors.

It is an old Native American belief that each of us is the center of our own universe. May be some truth to that. Our family, and the way we treat them; our friends, and the way we interact; and our neighbors, and the way we see them can constellate around us and the way we live out our lives here on Earth.

The way we have treated others, and their reactions, and what they have learned from knowing us is the world we have created. Pretty powerful stuff!

We each have the power to create a world, either with or without hatred, apathy, or ignorance. It is our choice. The choices we make in this world are our responsibility. We are in the driver’s seat! Have faith.

Wendy S.

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The Millstone of Guilt . . .

Sometimes I feel guilty for sins I committed 30 and sometimes 40 years ago. I have had plenty of time to do wrong to myself and others in my lifetime. That thing I did. That thing I said. That thing I thought.

I could not find within the Gospels any passage where Jesus directly addresses the problem of personal guilt and just how unstablizing and painful needless compunction can become.

Jesus commands us to forgive our brother as many as seventy times seven times. (Please see Matthew 18:22 along with the accompanying discourse.)

But how many times can we forgive ourselves? Sometimes we are kinder to our neighbor than we are to ourselves. Our neighbor may have forgiven us years ago that we forgot to return an object we borrowed, yet, we can harbor guilt for many years over a small infraction.

I address the question of sin, forgiveness and guilt in my manuscript, “Welcoming Jesus.” Please see my website http://welcomingjesus.com/2014/08/21/chapter-twelve/

I think of the problem of guilt today because, as a mother, there are many, many circumstances I would like to do over. I know I am in the same boat with most parents. But the problem is not limited to parenting. We all have friends we feel we have wronged, or co-workers, or neighbors. It is an infinite riddle of life.

God forgives us our sins through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ is our hope and our leader. He is our salvation here on Earth, and what goes beyond.

While I did not find a passage where Jesus specifically addresses compunction, I did find Matthew 11:28-30, where Jesus talks about refreshing our souls. Specifically, Matthew 11:30, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Have faith.

Wendy S.

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Song of Songs? What’s the Point?

Have you ever had one of “those dreams?”  You know the ones.  It might include a neighbor, a co-worker, a complete stranger, or even your own old man or old lady.

One thing these dreams all have in common–“satisfaction guaranteed!”

I have read in more than one Christian source that one of these dreams may signal an invitation to union or wholeness with God.  Imagine that!

Nearly smack in the middle of the Old Testament we find the book of “Song of Songs of Solomon.”  It is a touching story of a loving encounter between a gorgeous woman and a king/shepherd figure.  (Whom else in the Bible do we see as both King and Shepherd?)

With all the raunchy, lustful sex we find in the media, it was refreshing to read about a truly loving relationship.

It ocured to me that it might be easier for most woman than for most men to relate to the encounter in Song of Songs for obvious reasons.

However, truly, Song of Songs can substitue for one of any of our intimate dreams as it is a universal call to union with God.

Is Song of Songs erotica?  Perhaps, but as so many before me have said, “that is in the eye of the beholder!”  Have faith.

Wendy S.

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How do Burgers Measure up in Utopia?

On Saturdays I am usually too busy at work to take a lunch break, so am usually quite hungry come 5:00. Today I planned to run errands after work, so decided to stop at one of the three fast food restaurants near the shop where I work. But, which one?

First, we have McDonald’s. The food there is “iffy”, the service is usually lousy because the menu is crowded with items, and the young person behind the counter usually gets confused.

Then we have Wendy’s. The food is usually pretty good, but the people behind the counter all seem to have bad attitudes.

Third, we have Culver’s. The food is always great, the people behind the counter are always smiling and helpful, and the customer service is so great that they will bring the food right out to the patio if you like.

H-m-m. Hungry, worked all day on my feet, what was I in the mood for . . . great service, confusion or bad attitudes?

As I was enjoying my delightful meal at Culver’s out on the patio in 75 degree sunshine, I reflected on the three fast food experiences.

How does Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Culver’s relate to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

All three establishments had the opportunity to hire fine young people. Only one of the three establishments apparently provided adequate training. In the other two cases, management apparently didn’t care about the dining experience of its patrons. And likewise, the employees at Culver’s applied their training, which made for an enjoyable dining experience.

We all have a choice. We can listen to the subtle “training” of the soft, still voice of God, and make our own lives and the lives of those around us “Utopia,” Or we can ignore the voice, and exhibit confusion and bad attitudes. It is our choice . . . our only real choice to improve the world as we know it.

No, I do not have scripture to back this one up. I have only life’s hard experience. Have faith.

Wendy S.


I have total and full respect for anyone trying to work and better themselves in this economy. The McDonald’s and Wendy’s restaurants near you may be a little closer to Utopia than those near my place of employment. If you work in a fast food environment, I have complete and total respect for your efforts!

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Off the Hook?

I am working my way through the entire Christian Bible Old Testament for the first time (complete) and how I wish I had total recall!

I wish I could list chapter and verse all the times the covenant between God and the Israelites is reviewed, re-stated and reinforced!

The main covenant goes something like this, and is repeated many times throughout the Old Testament from Genesis through 2Kings, where I left off a couple days ago.

– If the Israelites walk in the ways of God, they will be blessed with good fortune.

– If the Israelites abandon their walk with God, then they will bring curses upon themselves.

Okay, that was the deal with the Israelites. But what about the rest of us? Are non-Jews left out?

I pondered over this question for a while, and then I remembered the Apostle Peter’s vision found in the New Testament book of Acts, Chapter 10. None of us are off the hook! The covenant holds true today just as it did in 900 B.C.

If we walk in the ways of the Lord, then the blessings are self-evident. We are treated to profound security in the arms of our Father in Heaven. We are free to experience His love, joy and the peace that passes all human understanding.

But, if we abandon our walk with God, we will condemn ourselves to an existence de-void of the security offered by God. Our self-exclusion is our penance.

Which will you choose? Have faith.

Wendy S.

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