Maybe It’s a Revelation . . .

Maybe it’s a revelation.  Maybe it is an epiphany.  Maybe it is a brain puff!  But here goes.  I will say on the onset that I welcome debate on the topic I am about to write about.  If someone needs to set me straight, then go ahead.  But I am about to share something I never realized before.

This past Thursday I was preparing my weekly blog post for my other blog,  You may be aware that the blog is a collection of all the chapters of a book that I wrote about twenty years ago but never had published.

Well, I was typing about the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the cleansing of the Temple.  Well, BANGO!  I was always taught by my pastors that Jesus got all jiggy and went a little nutsy because there were entrepreneurs at tables exchanging money.  I was taught that the money exchanged from type of currency to type of currency was to be used to buy animals to sacrifice to God.  My pastors’ explanation seemed plausible enough.

But Thursday I got to thinking.  What if the uproar and outburst was because the sacrifice of animals was wrong?  What if Jesus was trying to tell us, “Enough already!  God doesn’t respond to dead animals, and He doesn’t want them to die in this manner for this reason?”

I can only imagine that the people of the time thought they were doing something pleasing to God by sacrificing the animals.  They must have thought that there was something in the practice that benefitted them.  I do not know what.  Perhaps a good growing season.  Perhaps entry into Heaven.  I do not know how the people thought they would benefit from the practice of sacrificing animals.

In my imagination, I equated this practice to our modern day drug store chains.  The money exchangers stood to benefit from the ignorance of the people of Jesus’ time.  The drug stores have half the nation by the cajoles to get all their money, too.

Enter Jesus.  There was big “dough-rae-me” in selling those sacrificial animals.  OF COURSE the people in charge wanted to stop Jesus in His tracks!  Jesus was telling John Q. Public that sacrificing animals was wrong.  (There goes the “cash cow.”  No pun intended.)

If Jesus was on earth today, healing people for free, the drug stores would want Him stopped, too.  (There goes their “cash cow.”)

This line of thinking is just a moment away from also declaring that the sacrifice of Jesus was wrong.  God made a sacrifice to humanity by sending His only Son to bear our ignorance long enough to teach us.  The XXX Drug store put an end to Him.  Then they went so far as to make Jesus the scapegoat by trying to propagate that Jesus had to die—for our own good, of course.

Strong words?  Let me hear what you think!  Have faith.


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Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares . . .

What would you do if the person you trusted most suddenly abducted your children to a foreign land?

During the precious years my children were growing up, there were many difficult times.  But through it all, I always thought that the only thing in life that I would not be able to overcome would be the loss of one of my children.

But this post is not about me.  It is about Scott Lesnick, a friend and author, a business comrade.  Scott wrote a compelling memoir recounting the love he has for his children, going so far as to rescue them after they have been abducted to the Middle East.  Scott persevered.  Scott fought the good fight.  Scott had faith in God.

The book is entitled “Kidjacked” and can be purchased on Scott Lesnick’s website

I will use some of the language Scott uses to describe his compelling book:

Kidjacked:  A Father’s Story is the true account of how Scott Lesnick persevered, not once but twice, to get his two small children back to the United States after they were abducted to the Middle East by the person he trusted most—his wife.”

Kidjacked is a true story.  It is an honest story.  Kidjacked held my interest and at times (especially at the conclusion) was a genuine page-turner. It is an enjoyable read.

Scott writes an upbeat and inspirational book about a very serious topic.  This is not a tale, but it is written in an interesting and entertaining and thoughtful manner.  I highly recommend “Kidjacked.”

One word of caution.  Kidjacked is an honest account.  Scott uses the name of Christ in vain twice in this book.  This held me back from endorsing the book sooner.  I have had a change of heart.  God knows!  I am not perfect, either!

Have faith, Scott did!


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Superman and Green Lantern have Nothing on our Savior!

I seem to recall that most of the major super hero motion pictures revolve around saving the world from some kind of Dooms Day. or at least saving individuals from a fate worse than death.  Grand!  We are all saved from calamity—to go back to being the brats we are.  Back to our often rude, selfish selves.

But as far as super heroes go, Jesus is different.  Jesus saves us from our rude, selfish selves, one Christian at a time.  We need only take His hand, and He will lead us to safe ground.  It is GUARANTEED!

Jesus offers a lasting salvation.  He offers a salvation that goes beyond boundaries of bodily protection.  With our hands in His, He leads us toward the light of Heaven, and the light of righteousness here on earth.  This is lasting security.  Superman, Iron Man, Batman and the Green Lantern cannot promise what we are promised by Christ Jesus.  And Jesus delivers on His promise!

It’s like GROOVY, MAN!  (But forget the roach.)  Have faith.


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Give me that Old Time Religion!

My dad’s head bobs out from behind the back of the television. He shouts, “June! I think it’s the 6J6! Upon that revelation, my dad jumps in the family automobile, and rushes to Farber’s Television and Appliance Repair. He is back home, safe and sound, with the new 6J6 tube just in time for Uncle Milty. The family sighs in relief.

The television has undergone an evolution. First we had TV’s with tubes. Then solid state television, and finally, digital TV. (Did I miss a step or two?) Television has changed. There are few things in this world that remain unwavering.

The world has seen the rock, the spear, the bow and arrow, the musket, the rifle, and finally nuclear weapons. The A-bomb fears of the 1960’s changed the world, and spawned a generation of rebellious teenagers.

The Bible has even changed. We saw the Gutenberg Bible, the King James Version, the New English Bible, the NIV and so on. Yet, the message of Jesus has not changed. It has remained constant, in a world filled with flux.

Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

But, what does this mean? Why is this statement important in this day and age?

It is important because it is our assurance that Jesus provides the same salvation He provided over two thousand years ago. The benefits of this salvation include:

- Assurance of love in the family of God.
- Assurance of forgiveness for our sins.
- Assurance that God, through His Son, provides healing and comfort in all circumstances.

Even though television has changed, even though warfare has changed, even though the Bible itself has changed, mankind is still, after all these years, in need of the salvation Jesus offered us then and now.

Perhaps technology has become too big for its britches since the invention of the can-opener, but mankind still needs a perfect parent and a perfect partner to guide, reassure and comfort us.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I implore you to go to church in gladness and thankfulness, or take a few moments to read the Gospels of Jesus and reflect on how much He has stayed the same, even in the face of a changing world environment. Have faith.


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You’re Psychic, Go Ahead and Hang out a Shingle!

Ever have a premonition?  Ever think you have been to a new place before?  Ever had feminine intuition?

It has been said that the psychic forces originate with God.  It was only today that I had a premonition and then connected the dots that that premonition may have been God saying to me, “Yes, dear one, I am here.”

Those of us living on earth today do not have the good fortune to walk with God in the flesh.  (Perhaps some day we will.)  There are precious few opportunities to connect with the living God in a personal way.  Yet there are times when God beacons to us.

Sometimes it is a feeling of agape love.  Sometimes it is humorous and entertaining, and sometimes a flash of inspiration is meant to warn us of an impending danger.

Webster’s Dictionary describes being psychic as:


adjective \ˈsī-kik\

—used to describe strange mental powers and abilities (such as the ability to predict the future, to know what other people are thinking, or to receive messages from dead people) that cannot be explained by natural laws

Little flashes of paranormal may be beneficial, but, there are people among us who ACTUALLY DO hang out and a shingle and claim to have supernatural powers.

Okay, I have had a psychic reading or two.  Sometimes it seemed as if the reader was offering helpful insight.  Unfortunately, where there is a dollar to be made, there is also fabrication (or ‘fib-rication’).  But now I see things more clearly.

I would rather remain satisfied with a personal flash of inspired insight, and from now on I will treasure these small moments of connection with our Father.  It would be great if some of my readers would leave a comment regarding a personal premonition or other psychic experience.  Have faith.


P.S.  Thank you for following this blog.  Back in 1995 I wrote a book.  I planned on self-publishing, but my publisher went out of business midway through the process.  Not wishing to try again, the book went fallow.  I have a brand new blog where about every week or so I will publish one chapter.  (Nothing will change my current blog; this new blog is in addition to what you read here.)  You can follow my new blog at  There will be fourteen chapters.  I truly value my readers.

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What’s Up Doc?

Jesus was a healer during the time He walked among us.  In modern times we also have healers walking among us.

Some healers straighten our backs.  Some healers treat bacterial infections.  Some give us sight.  Some restore our teeth.  Some save us from heart disease.  Some help us improve our thought processes.  The list goes on.

The healers of today, and I am talking about modern medicine, have more in common with the way Jesus helped the sick than we might think.  Modern medical practices throughout the ages rest on scientific understanding of the times.  From shaman to radiologist, from plants to pills, from barber to surgeon, all have been dependent upon practices, equipment, and medicines common to their times.

Mankind discovers the science, which has been available since the moment of creation.  With the evolution of modern medicine, mankind can certainly perform miracles.

Jesus did not have an MRI to study.  But Jesus knew how to heal.  As mankind has discovered the keys to healing, mankind is treated collectively to what was simple and natural to Jesus.  It is the same thing, but with more bottles, bells and whistles.

The healings Jesus performed were performed with virtually all of the scientific knowledge known to God, who created it all.   Possibly the only difference is that Jesus did not ask the patient whether they have insurance.  Have faith.


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